Wordpress to blogger new solution

Wordpress to blogger new solution

If you want to move from WordPress to blogger here is a new solution  

Oh yes, you are right to be confused... well I was confused as well. But the thing is... both platfroms are actually ok and you may do what ever you like with your content, thats true... But if you want to make a business and earn out of your content you must stay in one platform be decisive on it. Thats not an exact 'must' either :) How confusing of me :)

There was a very helpful 'converting website' for moving your blog frWordPressess to blogger. But that site is not working anymore... This is the link once were working but not anymore:

http://wordpress2blogger.appspot.com/ (no more working)

I have tried many ways to find a way for importing all my blogs on wordpress to blogger.. But the options I found were very advanced options that I needed more knowledge than I know now... What ever...  Sometimes people may somehow change their ideas and may like to move from wordpress to blogger. There are many people who like to move from blogger to wordpress out here.. That's fine. But there are also people who like to pass from wordpress to blogger... Let's keep it short.. here is the link ;) it works and it is simply very practical for WordPress to Blogger moving

Move from wordpress to blogger (working link)

here is the updated working link  updated on the 6 th of May 2020 023:44 am.


Why should you move from WordPress to blogger?

There may be many reasons why do you like to move from WordPress to Blogger. And it doesn't have only one answer. In terms of 'simply blogging' both are the same. If you like to have a better control over your content and like to categorize them professionally stay on WordPress. Does that mean you won't have control over your content if you are on Blogger?  No, not exactly, you will have control but not like the categories on WordPress, but you can use labels and link them in your main menu as categories on WordPress. As there are many other reasons depending on what you would like to do on the website you like to make, answers may change of course. If you are just a writer and good at it blogger is somehow better, unnoticeably faster, and completely free. But you can't create a community on Blogger like you can do on WordPress. In fact, Wordpress is more than a blogging platform. Even though in some cases, or at the very beginning both platforms are the same. But you have limits on Blogger. If you like your blog to be more than just a blogging platform WordPress is exactly a better solution. But just for writing posts and make people aware and informed about your blogs, Bogger is somehow better than WordPress. If this is the case, technically Blogger is also faster and more practical compared to WordPress. Changing your domain, moving your content to another blog is comparatively much easier than WordPress as well
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